rain delay

8 people, one baby, crammed into one shore house because of rain.
needless to say, i went for a 4 mile walk on the beach in the pouring rain.

i only got a couple of photos because i was afraid i was going to destroy the camera.
instead i used my eyes.

i saw seaweed on the tide-line in every shade imaginable.
bright shiney green, gold, and yellow. brown, black, red, pink, and rust.
all those.
plus everything in between.
the reeds were broken and twisted by the storm. cast out among the suds like a giant's game of sticks.
raindrops marked the sand and water. tiny craters pocked overlapping along the shore. stinging my skin as i walk into the wind.
the lonely gulls cry as the soar in the wind while others stand patiently beak to the wind.
the lifeguards wearing rain suits with and huddle in their chairs. their lifeguard stands wrapped in saran wrap against the wind and water. watchig the water. but no one is swimming.


Blogger Dee said...

A rainy day at the beach seems so much more gloomy than a rainy day at an ordinary house.

Blogger lesley said...

it is a little depressing. but it was nice to have the beach to myself :)


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