the neverending project

you may well remember that many many moons ago in a far off land called orlando i started...
the blanket.

let me refresh your memory...

i knit a garter stitch wash cloth to teach a friend's child to knit...

i decided hey that would make a neat blanket.

and i knit a bunch of strips in garter. and i hated how it looked seamed up.
so i frogged it.
and i knit it up in stripes on the knitting machine my mom found for me at a junk sale.

in it's most recent incarnation it looked like this

and that is how it stayed for over a year.
every now and then i would wind in a few ends but there are a lot of ends there.
and i didn't want to weave in ends.
that is such a waste of time.
especially when i'd rather be knitting!

well. i guess if you get me bored enough.
and you finish all my projects.
i can be convinced that old projects need to come to a close!

so 24 episodes of dexter later.
it is seamed.
the ends are woven in.
yes i had nightmares after seeing that much gore.
but that is beside the point!
it is done.
or almost.

now i have the dilemma of choosing the edging...

wait step back with me a second. this thing was constructed strangely and i have only myself to blame.

the top edge was knit on the machine. in a long narrow strip. i then picked up the stitches along the side of that top strip and knit in three panels down.
(the machine is only so wide i couldn't pick up stitches the whole way across)
i then seamed those panels together.
the whole thing is in stockinette and it rolls up on itself. no one would ever be able to curl up under it. it would end up hanging them!

i like how the stripes and blocks go together. but i'm not sure how to edge it. i' like how the top looks but it curls under too.

see here's how that top edge looks

i thought all along i would just do an i-cord edge all the way around. in the green. because that color of cotton ease is still available. but there is so much green in the blanket it just washed into the background.
no good.

soooooo i decided to try stripes.

which looks ok.
but i'm not a huge fan.
and it is a major pain in the you know what to change colors on i-cords every 2 rows while picking up stitches along the edge.

so i have a dilemma.

what kind of edging would you do? i've contemplated getting out the machine to knit a long strip in stripes for each edge and then sew that strip to the blanket. but that strip will still curl under. so i'm kinda at a loss.
thanks in advance.



Blogger Dee said...

How about buying blanket satin and sewing on a satin edge. The blanket is very pretty --- love the stripes!


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