it happened. i got cocky. i knit and i knit and i knit an di didn't put in lifelines...fortunately i was able to rip back only one repeat on one half of the scarf ad salvage it. i have no idea how i got the stitches back on the needles. but i did it.
back to knitting.
5 more repeats. on two sides. thats 50 rows each side. and i'm done. i can dot it! i think i can i think i can...unles the sock wars pattern gets posted and then the scarf goes on to stitch holders cause i'm gonna need those needles for socks!!!

edit. i was waiting til the camera batteries charged to take a photo to post with the above and welll...i kinda got carried away knitting on my scarf. see first i realized how little yarn i had left. there wasnt even a whole pattern repeat there i just knew it.

and before i knew it the edge was cast off. my needles lying off to the side ignored...

the pattern useless i was done with it.

the sock tote i've been using for a month to keep the scarf safe...empty

the next thing i knew the waste yarn i so carefully cast on with was alone lying on the arm of the couch

the graft was done. the notions discarded. and what was left?
thats a finished scarf.
kinda looks like crumbled spider webs eh?

but fear not the scarf is blocking. its doubled over since my blocking board is only 48 inches wide. i will reveal the finihed (dry) product as soon as i can. whew. its finished at last, and i can hardly believe it!


Blogger erin/pinkerbell said...

ooo can't wait to see it, post block.

Blogger kate said...

yay! it looks so pretty even like that! now about those socks...can i justify not doing my homework? "but professor, I didnt want to get killed by the international sock of doom!" hmm...


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