sock warring along

see that? thats sock wars socks. what are they? finished! woo hoo! 9 hours of knittig baby and they went out by express mail this morning. i just hope that my assasin was not among those who got their dossier early. see yarn monkey was delayed in mailing out the patterns and intended target info by a hurricane. yup a hurricane. sheesh. it's like real war. almost. not really. actually not at all. cause who ever heard of killing someone with a pair of socks. really? and just so you know. if you are getting ready to go to the post office. the mailman will laugh at you. so be prepared :)

pattern: sockwars pattern sock of doom
yarn: brown sheep lambs pride superwash (worsted)
modifications: i had to go up to worsted to get gauge (5.5 spi) it was supposed to be a pattern for dk but i just don't see it. that wouldn't make a solid pair of socks...oh and i didn't bind off and seam the toe as directed. eewww. kitchner all the way baby.



Blogger kate said...

dude! you already mailed them?!? i just started at 8:30 tonight. do you think i can mail my target my homework instead?

Blogger Kniterella said...

Go Duchess - I'm rootin' for you!

Anonymous David said...

Let's hear it for grafted toes! I saw that "bind of and seam" in the directions and thought "yeauuuugh."
Oh, and thanks for the warning. I'm donning my yarnproof vest as we speak. :-)

Blogger ErLeCa said...

Wow, you are one fast knitter. I'm not sure I could have sat for 9 hours straight. My butt would surely be falling asleep!

Anonymous bekka said...

oh my. this sock wars thing could get interesting. i'll have to stay posted.


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