pair # 2

so i received these in the mail from LEE aka the dancing crow. all the way from massachusetts. lemme see here they arrived on the 26th. that would have been tuesday. yeah thats right :)

and these are going to david aka uzziel tonight. i'm headed over to the post office now. whew.

once again the pattern is the sock of doom fr sockwars.
this time the yarn is elsabeth lavold silky wool. lee's choise. i'm happy for the opportunity to knit with it again. they are two tone cause lee thought there might not have been enought to knit 'em solid an di think she may have been right.
time on needles i have no idea. i got 'em off the waste yarn and onto needles alsmosyt as soon as i got 'em on tuesday and knit when i had time. too many long shifts at starbucks. ok. i'm tired. but i refuse to have any more coffee. no more. you can't make me !!!
changes: i knit the foot at a tighter gauge than was intended by the pattern. i think it will make a sungger fitting sock and the yarn just knit up too loosey goosey at 22spi. just my opinion and since i knit the italy cardi in silky wool i know how the fabric grows. so anyhoo. i think i'm gonna go and head to the post office. happy knitting all.
p.s. looks like they arrived all right :)

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Blogger Wanda said...

This whole sock wars thing is really quite crazy! Glad you're still "alive"!

Blogger kate said...

dude, you are so going to win. i died 2 days ago and i still havn't been home during the daylight to take a pic. i HOPE againt all hope to make it to the post office tomorrow to mail mine to my assasin. the whole things seems to be a bit flummoxed due to the hurricane, though.

Blogger erin/pinkerbell said...

whoo hoo kinda g lad I didn't get in, you might have had to off me.

Blogger CynCyn said...

dang lesley... hope no one wants revenge when this is all over. :)

Blogger Cathi said...

Wow. Are you going to get more socks? You're such the speed demon- see, all that espresso is paying off!


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