she's been acting a little dejected lately

more than a little upset about the move.

and really not amused by my absences for work

but all in all she seems to be adjusting

even if she doesn't think she's getting enough love

and not nearly enough food

but we've been walking a lot

which doesn't make up for the loss of her yard

but at least there is a bunny to share to make it all ok :)

and i just had to post these cause neige apparently has a twin. well not really but go check it out is really funny they could be sisters!


Anonymous beverly said...

Your dog's twin is living in CT!

Blogger ErLeCa said...

Awww, she's so cute!

Anonymous marti said...

what a beautiful pupster! thanks for the picture story.

Blogger BAM said...

Your doggie looks a lot like ours too!!! Here is a link to the last time he was on my blog:

There was a litter at our local animal rescue league of about 6 of these cuties and this one came home with us. They called him an Australian Cattle Dog mix there (he is sturdy), but when we took him to puppy school they said he looked like a tri-colored terrior. Our dog (Ein) is about 55 pounds. I must post this on the other blog too!!!

Blogger BAM said...

Ok, i just posted a couple more pics...what do you think?

Blogger CynCyn said...

totally a twin!!!
i can hear your doggy singing to herself...
"lonely... I'm so loneleeeeee!!" our pets are experts at making us feel guilty, no?


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