ISE3 update

repeated post from the ISE3 page forgiveness for my laziness :)

i have reviewd my pal's questionnaire and i believe that some of my stash yarn is a perfect fit! who knew! i've read her blog, i've commented, i've emailed, and i am off.
wanna see the progress so far?

i'm knitting branching out. from knitty, but i decided i didn't like the lace being assymetrical so i'm knitting it in two pieces and i'll graft it later. (hence the icky grey yarn at the bottom) the yarn is a ball of annonymous purple mohair i found in my stash. i never knew what i was going to do with it before now. yippee! and i even think my pal will like this. at least i hope so :)
i'm having a lot of fun but i've never knit lace (with laceweight yarn) before so i'm kind of scared. cross your fingers. i'm 3 repeats in so far i thought i'd do a couple more and put in a lifeline.
adventurous yes.
stupid. no :)

ok i'm officially having too much fun!!!

7 repeats into the pattern on both sides...
about 10 inches unblocked per side so 20 inches total so far!
woo hoo!
i think i have to quit for the night though more tomorrow! and i may even have enough yarn leftover for a lace cap. how coool would that be??? but i'd have to figure out a way to figure out the head size secretly...or just ask. hmm. thinking. but thats putting the carriage before the horse. 14 more repeats per side and i think i'm done. if the yarn lasts that long then we shall see :)

edit 2:
psst... i'm up to 9 repeats on each side. wheee... i'd still be knitting but i'm too ervous for my interview. don't corss fingers or anything its only starbucks but still. work is work.


Blogger Wanda said...

You can do lace, of that I'm positive!

Blogger duchessofgravity said...

thanks wanda. i'm starting to think you're right :)

Anonymous marti said...

i did that pattern last year for my pal and she loved it! i might try it again this year with the grafting in the middle.


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