stash enhancement update (way overdue)

ok so i was going to wait to post photos of my trip yarn til i got to the germany portion of my trip blog but i can't wait. and i'm also doing a further disclosure for the stashalog. i've made a 6 month commitment to use up my stash. by then maybe i will be... (rather i damn well better be) working and will be able to have an all out splurge day! so here's the most recent acquirements i'll also add them to my stash page :) first up, they yarn jenifer so kindly gifted to me at the pre estes sleepover

uisn't is beautiful!

next up actual estes yarn. more interlacements. of course!

then some mission falls that was backordered and finally came in the mail

some mountain colors bear foot

now the real haul. the stuff i got a 3 different but 3 very wonderful german yarn shops.

my regia haul

4 color

cotton color

bamboo color ... neat huh

and some regia cotton inda color (yes i already lost the label)
this is for some belated birthday socks for shirley. must finish dave's italy socks so i can use the needles.

yes i have a sock yarn problem.
get over it.
some online sock yarn.
some superwash and a cotton one

some gedifra

and last but certainly best my splurge

i'm going to make a fabulous dress up tank

this stuff feels like heaven.
i mean it will knit up fabulously .
i mean wow!


Anonymous Julia said...

:-) I knew that was going to happen! Can't leave Germany without a mountain of sock yarn. I really want to try that Regia bamboo yarn, but it's a little on the expensive side. For German standards, that is.
Uh, FYI- we're going to win the world cup. Cross your fingers tonight anyway.


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