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so i was getting alittle bored with the hooded pullover i'm making for mom so i perused my stash and decided i wanted to use the brown sheep naturespun superwash that i picked up with cynthia last summer. but what to make ???

i decided on the everest vest in interweave. don't remember which one. sorry it's upstairs.

and now i have a few repeats completed i'm really liking the simplicity yet thinkiness of this knit so far. sue over at mew mew's suggested a new twist on the cable. its hard to see a difference in the photo but its not a 3 crossed over 3 cable thats a 4 over 2 baby. living dangerously! :)


Blogger erin/pinkerbell said...

I love that vest. I have it somewhere in the "to knit"Pile.


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