FO report

FO report. relaly. just trust me on this one!
see i have 3 items finished. but dave has my camera. so i have no proof as of yet :)
i finished dave's italy socks after ripping out the toe twice. if i hear "can you make them just a little longer" one more time i think i'll cry :)
i also finished my log cabin socks. it can be cold outside now so i can wear them!
and last but not least i finished my monster slippers. they're fiber trends felted clogs but a little sillier. you'll have to trust me til i can take a photo.

now for the UFO report
the back to the everest vest is done and the front is an inch or 2 in to it.
the hood to my mom's sweater is done but needs ripping. it has a wierd little pointy thing in the back. i have no idea what i'm gonna do.
i cast on for a pair of toe up socks for my mom. shhh don't tell. its an experiment with a mango moon yarn i can't remember the name right now sue had it and it was part of my stashalong day off i have to post that too don't i? sheesh.
hmm, what else? oh i cast on for the lace cami in handknit holidays and i'm about 4 inches in. its gonna be great. but you'll just have to wait :)


Blogger Stitchen for Kids said...

Oh my, have you been busy! Are you coming to Tattered Cover Friday night?

Blogger Stitchen for Kids said...

Where are you moving to?

Blogger duchessofgravity said...

we are moving out near DIA sort of. close to work for mom. far from just about everything else!


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