FO report and a progress report

ok now a FO report for ya. i started these socks on the plane to cincinnatti (that was our connection to rome) and i finished the first on the plane from munich to atlanta. then i ripped half of it out. worked some at sue's new shop MEW Mew's. redid some of it at SNB boulder. then cast on for the second. and finished up in the car on the way to my mom's friend's garden party. they are a well traveled pair of socks! the yarn is art yarns superwash merino. there is no pattern. just a gauge swatch some quick math. it's knit toe up, hourglass heel. just shy of 3 balls used.

oh and theres a kicker

i used two different toes...one is short row and one is hell i dunno what i did on that first plane ride i was a little dippy. didn't realize it til i tried 'em on they're different but not too bad. funny huh?

ok, next up dave's taly socks a progress shot. i got him to try these on (with his eyes cllosed. he wasn't sure how to do this so i had to try to break his toes putting them on him...never let me try to dress your children. i'm a disaster. they are coming along nicely i've finished that green stripe now and am continuing on with the white. but sheesh i think they are gonna take forever...size zero. what was i thinking???

shirely saw these and hoped that they were not the socks i promised to make for her :)



Blogger Lynda said...

I love those socks - even with two different toes! If you're like me, you'll remember where you were everytime you put them on - travel memories!


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