log cabin update

and an update ( a little late ) on my first log cabin sock. i took the photo a couple of days ago and it's already obsolete... this sock is patiently waiting for me to track down a tapestry needle to kitchener it off. whew. one more to go!



Blogger Wanda said...

You're just on a roll here, but sorry I'm tired of leaving comments on every post. The log cabin sock looks great. I really like Veste Everest. I may get brave and do that one day too. Yours is looking good too. I would be scared if I were shirley too on those socks for Dave, those puppies are bright. It was pretty funny that you finished the other socks with two different toes, but it doesn't matter, they're finished and they look good, what else is there to know? :-)

Blogger Jen said...

I love that sock...the pattern...color and yarn. Great job.


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