you know how you can be surfing long on the internet for just hours and you're not really sure how you got where you are but you're there. and you found something so super cool. but you have no idea how you got there. but you did. and it is just so super cool that you have to drop everything and try it right away?

no no, not that kind of experimentation.

knitting. really.

you have to go check out this heel it is the coolest thing i ever saw.
i'll wait.

told ya!

it is this "Y" shaped double short rowed heel thingamabob. it's not that hard to do you just have to take notes so your heels will match ;)
i'm bad with notes but i'll make an effort.

here's what i did:
i had 29 stitches on my heel.
i short rowed down to 17 stitches.
i short rowed back up to 23 stitches.
i short rowed back down to 17 stitches.
then short rowed all the way back up to 29 stitches.

and voila! y shaped heel.

i don't have the leg of these done yet so i can't really judge how the fit will be but it looks comfortable. not as squashed as my usual short row. i can't wait to see what it looks like with sock yarn with actual stitch definition!

and that's not the only thing she has on this blog. i may never "effing kitchener" again.

i think i'm gonna have to knit more stuff just to try these things out.

so i got a ravelry message and it reminded me how i got to the instructions for this neat method. thanks lucciola :)


Blogger Dee said...

I have subscribed to that blog. Looks like there is very good info there.

Thanks for the link.

I think I have one more repeat on sock #1 before I can start decreasing for the toe. Yeah, me!


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