socking along

so i joined the thrifty sock knitters club on ravelry and am having oodles of fun so far. it is a neat group. they don't make you buy yarn. you can just use from your stash or however you want. they just recommend monthly patterns and set up a place to post questions and comments about your progress. neat huh? my march socks are the spring pools socks and i'm having fun knitting them so far. i plan to give them to shirley seeing as she gave me the yarn. it is esprit by elann and i had never knit wit hit before. it's kind of like fixation wtihout as much sheen and it is super sticky (doesn't glide at all) and i'm not sure how much i like it. it should make comfortable socks but i don't like knitting with it at all. I'm also using my knitpicks harmony (wood) circulars for the first time on this project and i don' tknow if it is the yarn or the needles or the combination but i don't klike them much either. they feel like they are gonna break on every k3tog. also, our computer refuses to talk to the printer so i'm stuck staring at the computer screen to knit these socks...i keep losing my place in the chart (i can't seem to remember the 20 row pattern repeat for some reason)
needless to say i can't wait to finish this project.

i'm loving the stitch pattern though. it reminds me of sea creatures in a tide pool :)


Blogger Zee said...

that is a beautiful pattern! looks really cozy, too. :)

hope you are doing well. i miss you.



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