igor update

i finally figured out this pattern.

it just didn't make sense for the first 3 pattern repeats and i had to frog the blue sock 3 times...but we're back on track now and i'm having fun. did i ever mention how much i hate knitting two socks separately? well that is what i did til the pattern made sense. on repeat per sock til i got it straight. then getting both socks onto one set of needles, now that's a nightmare. realizing that i'd been using 2 different sizes of needles for the 2 socks...sigh. but now its ok. i did an extra pattern repeat to lengthen the sock leg. which makes me nervous. top down you can run out of yarn. i just didn't want th ebrain damage of trying to turn over this pattern. its just not worth it sometimes . i'm about to start a heel. top down heel flap. can you believe it. i never do that. anyhoo. socking along :)



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The pattern is really pretty.


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