it's beginning to feel a lot like fall...


the windows are open and the fans are on and there is not a ton of humidity. its actually bearable. now is summer were like this!!!

and if you walk into your local starbucks it looks like christmas. thats right folks i helped out with the dark set for holiday roll out tonight and i've never opened so many cardboard boxes in my entire life. holy cow. the worst of it. out landlord won't provide recycling friendly containers on the property. so it all went into the dumpster!!! sigh. but there are so many cute things it's enough to make you crazy. fortunately i don't think i want any of the mugs this year. which is good. we loaded up on clearance halloween and the cupboards are jammed ;)

and i know i've been lax, but i promise i have wonderful things to show you. both things sent and received. for the hogwarts swap. but my camera is on the fritz again. i'm gonna get new batteries tomorrow and see if it works. otherwise i'll be smuggling dave's away to do a knitting photo shoot :)

and i have socky and hatty updates to post too. but again the camera. sigh. don't you hate technology!


Blogger michaele said...

I had that problem in Utah - my landlady didn't believe in recycling, or something like that. Ridiculous!

Blogger Dee said...

I was down at Avalon today and saw the little red penguin! Adorable.

I can't believe Waterford doesn't have recycle dumpsters. Man, they need to get with it!


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