So i was at target the other day to pick up something normal. like a prescription or milk or something and i somehow found myself in the socks. i know crazy huh? and they had these fabulous coordinating knee socks. and i said to myself "you know those would make some pretty darn cool creatures"

so i brought 'em home and i looked at my stupid sock creatures book. and i promptly chickened out and headed for the sock drawer for practices socks :)

i picked out a pattern. decided he had to have wings. and started chopping.

i also decided that he needed a contrasting mouth so i found those instructions too.

and while i watched the rockies lose 4 straight games in a row. my creature was born...do yo uthink he soaked up any of that bad luck?


Blogger Dee said...

No bad luck, but he does seem a little sad about the Rockies.

Blogger michaele said...



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