Hogwarts, hoggy warty hogwarts

so i was waiting to post about my outgoing and incoming hogwarts sock swap (year 2 swap) until after my pal received her socks. and then i was waiting on my package. and then i got busy with work and sleep and stuff. and then i got sick. so here it is. rather tardy. but here nonetheless :)

my pal and i had a rather rough road with this round of socks. here emmeline (stacey) is the saga of your socks

so i wanted to knit for you the eames pattern that my friend kate designed. and i soon found out that i am not cut out for mosaic knitting. sigh. the stitches were all wonky. the sock was completely inelastic. it looked generally like poo. i'm sure it's not the pattern. it has got to be me! so i sent you my copy of the pattern a new printout that is so a less mangled copy than my working copy in hopes that you will have better luck than i :)

and the sole was soooo friggin cute

oh well. frog time

next i decided that maybe i could replicate my color-work feat of year one. remember these guys?

it was going really well.

i even got clever and decided to have the stairs "change" like in the stories.

and i house striped the sole and everything. and they were crazy wonky too the tension was uneven throughout. i blame bad starbucks. but that's another story. and the sock was so tight through the heel no person could ever wear these super neat socks. double sigh.

so i opted for a simpler doable sock.

and with confidence i decided to do some colorwork

i was going for a cathedral window kinda stitch pattern to go with the hand stitched bookmark i did. i also sent along some coffee. of course and a hand painted bag. more on the bags later i swear.

and in return i received the bestest package ever!!!

my socks

side view

top view

they fit incredibly and they are gorgeous. she bobined those cables up the side can you believe it???

and i got the most gorgeous sock yarn

and a pattern that is likely to kick my ass and be absolutely incredible to work on. gosh i just hope i can do it!

best of all she sent along a hand sewn project bag. this puppy is perfect. it fits 2 sets of socks!

she also sent along the neatest bead bookmark that is sleeping in my harry potter book 2 as i type. yippee :)


Blogger WandaWoman said...

Oh my, that was quite the saga with those socks. They are beautiful socks that you knit as well as those that you received.

Anonymous Flyin' Needles said...

Oy! And I thought *my* sock saga was bad. I think all the versions of my socks were beautiful. Thanks so much again for a wonderful swap. Don't let that fair isle pattern intimidate you - I know you can whip it into shape. :)


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