because i said so.

there is
no reason to get any more...

i'm just not allowed to.
that photo represents the possibility of 39 pair of socks.
and that is not including the undyed mountain there on the bottom right.
gosh that has got to be a good 10 pair of more all by itself.
49 pair of socks.
i have to get to knitting.
so no more yarn for me.
til this is under control.

in a rough clockwise rotation starting in that black section down there. if there is a yarn type repeat we'll just skip it ok?

roll call:

wildfoote, sisu, falk, plymouth alpaca, pro natura, pace, cotton stretch, regia cotton, louet gems, knitpicks paint your own by me, panda cotton, knitpicks essentials, online cotton, xxl, jawoll lang, mega boots stretch, 1824, digit, sockotta, regia 4ply, knitpicks paint your own by jenifer, online wool, and the undyed is treadsoft and kona superwash sport.

i had to look at a blowup of the photo to figure out all those ( i packed it all away super quick in case dave comes home) and as i'm terrible about losing ball bands... well heck. some of 'em were guesses for real :)

what prompted this you ask? well i went on a yarn crawl with some of the local girls this last weekend and i plumped the stash with some louet gems and some more trekking. and i really shouldn't have.. obviously. and i was feeling a little guilty. and cathi just asked me if i want to pick up some more sockotta (my secret fave yarn) which i sensibly declined. and am dying to cast on for another pair of socks so i was trying to decide what yarn to use and went stash diving...sigh..and here we ended up.

gosh i hope dave doesn't see this!!! ;)



Blogger Dee said...

So, which shops did you hit on your yarn crawl???? Inquiring minds need to know (you know, in case I'm missing one.)

The stash looks good! 49 pairs ... that's really not all that much considering ... well, maybe it IS much, but it still looks good!

Blogger WandaWoman said...

I don't know that you have to stop buying sock yarn, but I can totally relate. I think I"m at like 30-32 pairs myself right now, but I've been in such a sock mood, it's ridiculous. Picking up and knitting socks like they're out of style, I don't know what's wrong with me, oh well!

Blogger Emmeline Finch-Fletchley said...

Wow. That's quite the stash. You might want to hide it from yours, but I'm showing it to mine. "See honey? I really don't have much sock yarn..." :P Do you ever just... you know... roll in it?


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