oh bother!

i'd like to interrupt the regularly scheduled sock rotation:

(wearing rotation that is)
to present to you the finished, completed, done... bamboo socks!

sorry about the blurry photo. i was rather comfy, lazy, settled, relaxed... on the couch and didn't feel like turning around so i wasn't facing the sun. days off will do that to you!

i did the ribbing here a little shorter than i usually like to because i thought that the lacy pattern wanted something a bit more delicate (read shorter) and so did my patience :) of course i had to include some kind of ribbing, edging, border... it looked too funny without.

and i am completely in love with how this heel turned out!!!

in other knitting news. today being the aforesaid day off (sorry for the funny language it appears i've been listening too much to audio books* of late) i decided it was high time to get going on the hogwarts socks.
i'm sure my pal, partner, associate... would appreciate some effort on my part :)

yarn - check.
pattern - check.
needles - check.
ipod - check.
caffeine - check.

and i was off to a fantastic start see:

the sole looks great. nice. even. tidy.

the top however is a disaster, mess, cluster fuck... or rather was.

sigh. so i've frogged back to the solid toe...i have 64 stitches...and am searching for another pattern, design, idea... i think i am not cool enough for mosaic knitting. my slipped stitches were so ridiculously stretched...the fabric was lumpy and inelastic. not what i had hoped for at all...maybe a larger yarn next time? oh and to top it off! i realized just after i decided to frog that i had made a mistake in the pattern in addition to just knitting poorly. see that lumpy blob instead of the cute little wave on that last dark section. sigh. and the pattern was so perfect for this too. oh well.

fairisle or some form of striping pattern here i come! i just can't do the mosaic thing. :P

and maybe, just maybe. i'll find something that works well to be knit two at once now wouldn't that be fantastic???

i almost forgot to mention the other new socks i started on yesterday!

i'm not usually one for jacquard yarns but this is kind of fun...the flecks go to the background and the stripes come to the fore. i kind of lie the effect!

and they are positively zooming along!

double edit:
dee is a regular at my shop and she informed me that this yarn is lion brand magic stripes. who knew ;)

*if you have never checked those books out i suggest you do. i'm finding them thoroughly entertaining, enjoyable, interesting, amusing...oh and if you're put off by the synonyms well you'll get that when you get to book 2 ! ok i'm off to find a pattern and continue book 3


Blogger Dee said...

The mock crocs turned out great!

Sorry to hear about the camera.

Blogger victoria quirell said...

How, oh how, did you get the mock crocs to work for you? I can't seem to get the YO in between purl and knit :(

Blogger WandaWoman said...

Oh, love those bamboo socks. They look great. Your sockapalooza pal socks were very nice too!


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