ok, i need to vent.
no knitting content today.
just work related nonsense.
skip this if you want :)

so today at work
it was a good day mind you we're all having fun everybody in a good mood cranking out drinks like little starbucks machines.
smiling like crazed coffee fiends like we're supposed to and this guy! @#$%&/!
i'm losing my temper.
this guy skips the line by walking in the second door (which is fine just get in line if you do this) and walks up to the barista let's call her bar wench #1 and she says
"your usual doppio today?"
and he says
"yes with a glass of ice"
my first pet peeve.
the milk at the condiment bar is not for you to make a latte you cheap bastard.
he proceeds to walk away from the bar and lean against the wall.
smiles at me and watches us ring people up like he is above that sort of thing.
he then walks over to the coffee for the troops* display.
and makes some comment about how this is confrontational.
well whatever.
each to his own.
don't like it don't participate is my motto.

so the line has disappeared.
i walk over to where he is standing and put away out log book.
we're always leaving it out when we shouldn't and it should not be in plain sight fine.
i move it.
this is the only thing he may have taken offense to i don't know.
and if that is it then whatever.
but i doubt it.
meanwhile wench#1 has made his doppio and set it beside my register.
i mean he hasn't pad why set it on the pass off plane like its done and he can have it right?
and he's still refusing to walk over and pay.
he makes side conversation with wench#2 and our token guy barista.
but he's not offering to pay.
now get this...
he reaches around the counter takes his espresso from beside my register and walks away with it.
i'm now in shock.
i have an new line, which he just pushed through to get his drink, still unpaid for and leaves with it.
he goes and puts milk and sweet in his ice cup. pours in his shots. and proceeds to start drinking.
i can't believe this guy!
i ring and we make the rest of our customers drinks and he's giving me this simpering look like
well just make me pay then.
cause i'm not gonna.
and i'm getting a little ticked.
and i'm confused
flabbergasted really.
i ask if i can ring him up.
he says no that he's taking this one for free on principle!
he then asks why i look offended by his refusal to pay.
i explain that i do not understand why anyone would expect to not pay for their drink.
he acts shocked and says "you really don't know?"

which of course i don't we've been polite, we remembered his drink without his having to order. we made his drink.
we had it ready.
and if he had paid.
it would have lal ben done and taken care of very quickly.
had he gone through the line he would not have had to wait.
everything would have been fresh as it should be if he weren't such an arrogant berk**.
there's nothing that we have done so why be a jerk?
he finally pulls out a credit card and makes as if to give it to me.
and i say "fine."
"you know what today it is on me. but tomorrow..."
and he looks shocked.
and he leaves.
and apparently this guy doesn't feel he needs to pay.

and after asking around to see if anyone understands what has just happened i find out that several of our partners won't even serve him or acknowledge his existence.
cause apparently he's always just a huge jerk!

and maybe you think i'm off because i took such great offense.
but you have to realize that i am the first person to give away drinks and coupons if the service is at the tiniest bit off.
i'm cheerleader perky and super nice to our customers and just don't get why people go off sometimes.
i mean i was so rattled i was shaking.
and no i hadn't had too much coffee.

and this was right before i was supposed to leave.
and i didn't want this to ruin my night. so i had to get a pick me up when i left.
cause i was so rattled.
and i got my raspberry mocha.
which i never get because of the sugar.
i'm trying to be good see.
and i was so mixed up.
and so scattered still.
that i ordered my mocha and forgot to ask for decaf.
and dave just came in and i'm trying to explain and he doesn't understand why o got so upset and why i'm going a mile a minute.
damn people
and damn caffeine when it's too late to have it.
now we get to go wait for his brother to come in from the airport and get dinner i guess.
and i have to open early tomorrow.

one day
one hour
one minute at a time.
i have to go wind down.

*we're offering a discount if people want to buy and send coffee to the troops at our store. we le tthem write messages on the bags and then mail it off for them. nice little side project.

**my new word for the dayand i think it applies perfectly in this case for this guy he's got a very receded hairline wears it long, oiled and in a ponytail. he's got this beaky little face and i jus think the word fits.


Blogger kate said...

oh my goodness where do i begin.

did i ever tell you about the engaged girl in boulder who "gave me all her bad karma" because we didnt have the 4-bar folded cocoa notecards she wanted in stock at the paper store and thus I ruined her wedding?

or the dartmouth business student in hanover, nh who told me to "lose the nosering, get a haircut (in my long hair days), get an education and get a real job" at the restaurant i worked at after we cut him off because he was so drunk he fell twice and kept going behind the bar to use the beer tap himself?

people are complete and total assfaces. this guy doesnt deserve your service. everyone knows the steps to ordering drinks at a coffe shop -- they are ALL the same! the next time he comes in, ignore him. i would be just as rattled and pissed off. there is an assumption if you work in the service industry that you should take that crap from customers, but you should not. (or the assumption that you are stupid, unmotivated or uneducated. I have worked 6 retail or restaurant jobs in the last 5 years and every single person was either in school, just graduated from college, about to start college, or in grad school)

noone deserves to be treated like shit. except shitheads.

Blogger WandaWoman said...

sorry you had such a bad day, this guy was a first class Berk! Definitely refuse him service next time.

Blogger CynCyn said...

I would've been severely tempted to call the police and charge him with stealing. Isn't that basically what he did? If he shows again, you should ask him if he's 'special' today too. You can look at the rest of the line, announce loudly that you apologize that this customer is cutting in line, but that he's 'special' and give a wink wink to let them know you mean special in the short bus kind of way. (crap, i don't mean to offend the short bus kids... by linking them to this asshat)


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