sockapalooza 4 socks!

yeay they came they came! the post from london is crazy fast!

can you tell neige wanted some attention too? dave was trying to take photos for me and she had to get one of her toys out to get in on the action!

i love love love these socks. they weren't a surprise i found them out really early on in the trade but i don't mind. the anticipation however really did almost kill me.

oh and we'll be seeing photos care of dave's camera until further notice...in the excitement i knocked my camera off the arm of the couch and it is now telling me we have a focus error and the lens will no longer retract. double damn! and i almost had photos of the really cool wrapper and wrap job on theses socks. sigh. thank you! thank you! thank you! they are sooo soft and comfy!


Blogger Dee said...

What a cute pup! The socks look great too.

Blogger Bronte said...

Wow! I can't believe they got to you so quickly. We've got postal strikes over here and all sorts. So pleased they fit and you still like them in "the flesh". :-)


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