school updates

the career fair wasn't a smashing success. there really weren't any employers there that were looking for physicists...and its hard to convince an engineer that a physicist can do his job. oh well. i did get a call back and have a phone interview tomorrow. keep your fingers crossed!

school is going well, final projects are rolling along. i'm in denial and haven't started craming for finals yet. i know crazy but thats ok.

and for those of you who wondered what you do if you're a senoir in physics. you try to make a hologram on a glass plate of a quater. wierd huh? even wierder. it worked. first try! which is good cause we only had 6 plates to work with. the first one turned out great. i tried to take a photo of it but it didn't turn out so heres a not so exciting photo :) heres the setup for a red light hologram! lights on...

and lights off

i know i'm a dork. get over it :)


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