do you watch grey's anatomy?

cause i just watched this episode i haven't seen one in ages...and dr. meredith grey was "knitting" a sweater and isobel/isabelle from roswell was saying grey was actually not knitting cause isobel was knitting the pieces for her and switching them out. so i want to know who is really knitting the things i make? cause if they're just switching the pieces out for me so i think i'm actually accomplishing things should stop. not that i don't want the help but i have an idea for a better use of both of our time. maybe we can work out a schedule so that we are both actually working on a project but different sections and that way it gets done twice as fast. ya know? and i have another question. is it strange to anyone else tha tthe same actress has the same name in two differentshows? just wondering. and why can't the writers just let people be happy once in a while? if you didn't watch sorry to confuse ou. really its the cold meds talking. ignore me!


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