dying of anticipation

so i just looked at ALL of the finished sock updates on the blue blog for sockpaloooza this week;. and its killing me! i want tomail my socks out. i want to know which pair is mine! i know its silly but i have to know. not next week , now! ok. i think i'm done with my tantrum, but i really do want to know which socks are mine! there are so many beautiful socks out there. dn with 600+ pairs i'll never figure it out!


Anonymous sockpal2006 said...

well, i can assure that your socks are not in the completed items list yet. unfortunately there was a minor catastrophe BUT i am working diligently on them and am determined that they will go in the mail on tuesday! by the way, i love your haircut!

Blogger erin/pinkerbell said...

So glad to hear Ben is making such a move to put his life right.

As for the tanks, I plan to make both the corset and the shapely tank. Might I also suggest the honeymoon cami fron Knitty. I have made that as well, but I made the v neck a bit shallower. I love it.

Blogger erin/pinkerbell said...

sorry. I put the wrong comment on the wrong blog. Note to self: do not read blogs in tandem. I'm dying to know who has made my socks as well.

Blogger duchessofgravity said...

ok, so they are no tthere yet but they may be in the last update. :) jus tteasing. you know how the whole thing goes. wanna know wanna know. i'm sorry to hear about the catastrophe. i hope it was only a knitting catastrophe and not a life one. good luck. and if you don't finish in time i will not report you :) but do remember to include your return address so i can make sure to send a card :)

Anonymous sockpal2006 said...

it was definitely a knitting catastrophe ... don't trying knitting and sleeping at the same time, i don't recommend it! (just kidding!) i'm working away on them and i still think i will manage to get them done by tuesday. i hope you like them :)


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