knitting nite

well we had fun knitting at cynthia's house lasst night. fun had by all 3 of us a small but good group. the snacks were great the knitting was good and the view was fantastic! i have to get an apartment! anyway. still knitting along on my bad penny and hope to finish the increases today. fingers crossed!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay, that is so strange. I opened your blog page and thought "How did she get a picture of my Bad Penny (BP)?". LOL. I am doing the same pattern in the Cara Mia in the same shade of Coral. I am using the Cara Mia in Cranberry as the CC. I will be curious to see how similar our BPs are in the end (I, for one, can't help but to modify the heck out of everything).


Blogger duchessofgravity said...

how funny! nad isn't that great yarn. it works up sooo soft. i love
it. i think i'm going to make the whole thing in a solid color. i
didn't see anything that struck my fancy as a contrast and i like solids
anyway. i know what you mean about adapting patterns. i for one amd
going to make the sleeves a bit longer and i;m going to repeat the eyelet
pattern from the bottom edge on the sleeves and maybe on the neckline
i'll decide later if that would be too much. it is a fun project though
and so fast. glad you saw the photo! just tells you that great minds
think alike :) have a great day. lesley


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