well we had oodles of fun at our knitover last night. thanks again michelle for having us! it was a lot of fun. maybe next time we sit down and knit i'll have something to show for it! (i knit a couple inches of tempting and hated the way it looked so i ripped it all out. i'll have to get smaller needles and try it out again) then, today we all drove up to estes park, co. for their annual woolmarket. there were so many beautiful yarns that even with all the time and money in the world i could never knit it all. i did find one treasure for my mom. some interlacements cotton poly bulky stuff called memphis with a crummy number name. why do they do that? and i'll be using it to make a hooded pockety sweatershirty thing that she found a pattern for. also yesterday i had a bit of a yarn binge at the clearance sale at joann fabrics. lets just say i obtained the yarn to make 6+ sweaters, tops, or tanks. cotton ease and cara mia fun multipurpose summer/spring yarn with yarn photos coming soon. update! my stash can be viewed at the bottom of the page.


Blogger Jenifer said...

Sounds like you guys had fun! I missed you all ...

Blogger CynCyn said...

it was almost TOO much fun, wasn't it? and WAY too easy to pull out the card of credit for that must have, never seen or felt before such softness in my life yarn.

welcome to blogworld. may it take over your life as it has mine.


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