almost done

well i've almost finished the sleeves for my mom's boatneck sweater. i just want to check to see that they are long enough then its 8 more rows, bind off, and finished. so exciting. but i think i'll have to get an elf to finish it for me. i hate that part. who wants to sew up seams. so boring.
and i've decided that i absolutely must remake the handles for the felted bag i finished back in january. i washed them without the seam binding in and they stretched out! oops. must remember to read the instructions before felting anything in the future... so anyway i'm reknitting those and maybe then i'll have that bag finished finally.
the question is what to cast on next? there's the seed stich shell from this summer's vogue...or the ribbed tank from interweave...or i could pick up another set of needles and make tempting...decisions decisions. what will i make? i have to figure it out though. i need something to work on at our all night knitting bash this weekend. i simply can't wait. update! i've finished knitting my mom's classic elite boatneck. but i still have to seam it up...have to learn how to do that :P blah. maybe another day!


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