bad penny - grand lake

finally we decided to stop for the night at the grand lake lodge in grand lake, co. well not in the lake, above the lake, in the town...nevermind. if you ever get the chance, go. the cabins are so cute. my mom and i slept in twin beds for the first time in who knows how long. there is a wide front porch with swings and you could just sit for hours looking out at the lake. its a beautiful little place that somehow reminds me of the resort from dirty dancing. no, no, there was no dancing, and patrick swayze was nowhere to be found. but i did get to sit on a swing on the front porh and work on bad penny.
and despite staring out at the view i accomplished quite a bit. i reknit up to the error i made the day before and ended up with about 4 inches of completed knitting before it was too cold to sit outside any longer. can you imagine, i needed a sweater in june! how much better could it get? a fabulous view and knitting! i'm tempted to move to the mountains for the rest of the summer!


Blogger Wanda said...

Lesley, Beautiful pictures of your knitting and the scenery. I'm glad you and Mom had a good time. The wineries sounded tasty!


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