things i learned

while driving across the country

there is not enough room in the car.

west texas is more humid than colorado no matter what they say about "dry heat"

the alamo is actually kinda boring.

if you bad talk the car it will stall in rush hour traffic in some strange city you know nothing about.

if you cross your fingers it will start working again normally for no apparent reason.

gasoline is expensive.

spanish moss is not moss. it's not spanish. it's some freakish form of pineapple.

driving 2200 miles across the country takes a long time.

when you are supposed to reverse the pattern while you are knitting a lace repeat. actually reverse it if not you'll be ripping out later.

movers lie and do not arrive when they are supposed to.

air mattresses are not as comfortable as they appear to be on commercials.

cheap chinese buffet food gets really old really fast.

1200 sq ft apartments are not cool without furniture.

boyfriends think it's crazy to buy houseplants when you have no furniture.

$8 crock pots* are awesome to remedy previously stated chinese food problems.

knitters are nice wherever you decide to go.

they warn you about going to the all night walmart by yourself.

there are actual orange trees with oranges growing on them. hundreds of them!

the tropical plants i used to keep as house plants can actually live outside.

free dsl is really really slow.

free cable is cool but not when you don't have a tv.

orlando is way more humid than west texas.

the washing machine can actually be possessed and do a cold hot thing when its set to wash cold cold...

the compressor can conk out on a brand new air conditioner.

some apartment complexes closely resemble resorts.

did i mention that orlando is way more humid than west texas?

*we have no pots and pans crockpot bean soup
-2 small handfuls each of dry red kidney beans, white navy beans, green lentils, and pinto beans
-soak beans overnight in $.99 water pitcher changing sulfur smelling tap water twice
-to $8 crockpot add approximately 1/4 c dried diced onions and 1 T garlic powder, freshly ground black pepper and kosher salt.
-pour beans and enough water that crock pot overflows onto countertop
-turn dial to high until soup is hot. turn to low and cook forever and then some.
-consume soup from 3/$1 blue plastic bowls sith 2/$1 stainless spoons with stale broken road weary crackers.
-go to sleep on squishy air mattress because it's now 2 am and you have nothing to do tomorrow either cause your stuff is still in a moving truck somewhere :)

(all ingredients and utensils procured at big lots, walmart, or dollar store cause why buy nice new if you actually have kitchen stuff but its currently a.w.o.l.)

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Blogger erin/pinkerbell said...

what part of orlando? my mom used to live in orlando.

Blogger Jenifer said...

Wow ... good luck to you Lesley!! I'm so sorry that we never were able to get together again ... but I have a feeling you'll be back (or maybe I'll be in Orlando one day??) -- Good luck!!

Blogger adrienne *+*(^_^) +*+ said...

hope all your stuff arrives soon so u can settle in.. I met u the other night at NYGK..(the mangled lace knitter)..we forgot to tell u that we have low humidity right now..btw the socks u were working on are beautiful..(^_^)


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