T - 7days and counting

the packing progresses.
the apartment has been found and reserved.
the movers are scheduled.
there is renter's insurance.
there is electricity.
there is heartworm and anti-bug medication for the dog.
repairs are scheduled for the windshield.
the parents (all 7) are making us crazy.
a father wants to follow us to lorida to make sure everythingis ok.
a mother wants to fly down to clean the house.
the others are already there on vacation.
the other mother is too busy dealing with other stuff to do too much in the way of nagging. (thank god)
the windows get tinted tomorrow.
the idiots off craigslist are not showing up for aquariums or tires or airconditioners or snow chains...
the paperwork for dave to start work is complete.
there is a store that says i can work for them.
there has not been a phone call with my schedule.
the nightmares continue.
the dog thinks we are leaving her.
the plants could care less.
the laundry wants to get done.

i would like a nap. and a beer. and more time to knit :)



Anonymous Janet said...

It somehow all gets done. It will all be worth it when you're sitting with a beer in sunny Florida. :)

Blogger CynCyn said...

I hope you have time to do a whirlwind goodbye tour on your way out to FL. Good luck with the move!!!

Blogger erin/pinkerbell said...

there is never enough time, but you'll be fine. Just give the dog some extra love.

Blogger kate said...

oh, darlin i feel you pain. the worst part is the pup thinking you are leaving her!

just think: on the drive there you will have so much time to knit, you won't know what to do with yourself

good luck.


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