ciao! au revoir! goodbye!

Gosh where do I begin?

I am gonna miss this place so much.



My life as I know it.



I am gonna miss my mom so much. I know we fight. It’s not all the time but enough to make us crazy. But we’re close. We run errands together. Curl up and watch movies. Go to the library. Share books. Get up at midnight for snacks without planning. Go to the store 5 times because we forgot something silly. We started crying over silly things all day yesterday. I kept forgetting she wouldn’t be here when the movers came today. Saying things like “we” can pack up the bedding after I ge tup. And “we” will have to unpack those dishes for the movers to see. And then repack them. (No, don’t even get me started on that one) But yeah. I’m gonna miss my mom.

I’m going to miss my Boulder and Denver knitters. I have made so many friends. I know there are knitting groups in Orlando. I’ve already joined 3. but that doesn’t mean its not tugging at me. I’ll still subscribe to the blogs. I’ll still read about your projects (so keep posting) but nothing is gonna compare to curling up on the couch with kiddos and cats to knit the night away. Bye guys I’m gonna miss you.



Blogger Penny said...

Snif! We'll miss you! Have a good move and a good life in Florida. Keep blogging...

Blogger Knit Eat Sleep said...

We will miss you! No more Estes, ha? Good thing we went last year! I will stay in touch through your blog! Have a great time!!


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