wascily wabbit

so i had this idea a few months ago to get one of my favorite books as a child for my favorite nephew. it really is a sweet story and when i saw that we had the book/audiobook combo at work. and we could get them at 50%. off well i just knew it was meant to be. and then i noticed that this little guy from handknit holidays looks more like a rabbit than a puppy to me. specially if you lengthen the ears just a smidge.

i wasn't going to knit him with alchemy. not for a childs toy. sorry i'm just not made of money. and i considered cotton chenile since i've heard it doesn't worm as bad as its acrylic counterpart. but thats a little pricey for my budjet too. but i'm not a huge fan of all those craft store yarns and chenile has never been high on my list but how else do you make a velveteen rabbit (if you're not sewing of course) without using chenile. i opted for the next best option.

and was reasonably pleased with the results. this does not of course knitto gauge. but who cares right its a toy. there is no correct finished size :) so lion suede it is. granted the yarn sticks to your hands if your skin is as dry as mine is this time of year and kinda squeakes on my aluminum needles but that aside it worked out really well. but nevertheless he morphed from the velveteen rabbit into that damn rabbit. and god forbid you called him a bunny without catching ghte dogs attention. you see she has 2 toys named bunny (because they are bunnies) and frightening as it may seem she knows her toys by name...yes if you tell her to go get her turtle she will. same with her puppy or ball. too smart and dangerous if you happen to be knitting a rabbit and someone calls it a bunny.
anyway. i digress.
you wonder why he turned out to be a damn rabbit? well it just took forever to make this little guy. forever converts into 3 months in knitter years. and i just couldn't make myself knit all the pieces. it was a simple pattern. he's not all that big. maybe 24 inches high if he could stand. but either way he was in the following state for i'd say 3 weeks. don't you think that's sad?

well i finally got it together and knit the last leg. seamed him up and stuffed him. lined his ears with some soft neutral tone flanel. (forgot to put on the eyes before i closed him up) and consider him done. he just won't have eyes. i think he looks ok without. my mom thinks little nephypoo will be distraught. i don't mid though. he's more of a cars trucks and trains kind of kid and the rabbit is more for sis than the kid. sigh. however. i think he passes the kid test. he certainly passes the grownup test. and the shrinky pinks approve. pink 1 cuddled him with awe in his eyes and it was determined he passes the hug test. mind you pink 2 had asked several times when i was going to finish him. she saw the pieces on a couple of occasions and i'm not sure she believed the pieces really were a rabbit ;) more proof i should have finshed him sooner. oh well he's done now! whew. christmas knitting project number 2 completed. and in the mail!

pattern: alchemy pup from handknit holidays
yarn: lion suede, brown, 2.5 balls
time on needles: 3 months
recipient: nephypoo age 3.75 years upon receipt at xmas 2006 :)


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Blogger Gigi said...

That pattern made a great rabbit! Nice job.

Anonymous Kim said...

That's pretty sweet! I love knitted toys, they are so, so satisfying.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh wow!!!! He's perfect! What an awesome gift!

Blogger Gigi said...

You have been tagged! (See my blog for the deets).

Happy Holidays to you and yours!


P.S. I still love the bunny pattern...


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