knitting progress

so i've been knitting. lots. but i have just gotten around to taking photos. terrible aren't i? there are previews (just a thumbnail or ten milion to whet your appetite. i'll do a slow unveil just to be evil :)

heres the socks i've been carring to and from work with me. knitting on at cathi's and during the millions of reruns of csi. i have a problem but we won't go into that. yes. i watch them all even if i've seen them before. now hush. they're trekkiing (the socks that is) that pretty violet colorway and i'm loving 'em. love that yarn too. thanks sue for having it and tempting me. it took months for me to give in so i get props for that :) the pattern is falling leaves. you can't tell but i'm about 3 inches above the heel there. i'm going to try to use up the yarn. yes i know that will make for super tall socks but hwat else would i do with the leftovers???



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