as in batty. ya know crazy. did yo uever watch fern gully. love that cartoon movie thing.
you may remember that last year for christmas i made this for my older brother

well i saw him this fall on one of his rare trips through denver. more about those in anoother post i promise. well he said he loved his hat perfect colors and everything. but it was too short well i think it was really long but who am i to say he does have a huge head and way too much hair. so i promised to make him another one longer this time. for christmas
and then i promptly forgot.
until i remembered.
oh shit.
so i was at dave's for the weekend and decided to go to shuttles. i have yet to venture to the denver yarn shops. no, i have noidea why. and picked up some bargain bin reynolds dover in brotherly colors.

yes i know they kinda look like dog sick but he's a browny green kinda guy.

a couple days later it was finished just in time to toss in the wash and get mailed out right before the storm hit. so packages were delayed i have yet to hear if it got there in time. not thathe was home in time to get the goodies i'd mailed his way. he was here in denver stuck in the snow. sigh. of course i didn't realise ihe was in town he and shane (girlfriend/wife i dunno which) drive a semi cross country for CRST and had dropped off a trailer at 9 am on wednesday you'll have heard from other mile higher's that wednesday was not such a good day for driving flying etc. thats cause of all the snow. and yes if you're interested i have snow photos for you :) but in the mean time my brother and i were inthe same city for 3 days and didn't know he was here he didn't want me driving. sigh. anyhoo. his hat is on the way and i think its big/long enough. gosh that sounds bad. spam here we come!
anyway. the storm affected dave as well. he was supposed to fly out early wednesday morning. i was woken by the phone at 10. he wanted me to come get him. his flight was canceled. i took one look outside and said yes no wonder it was canceled i'll be ther soon. ( i live minutes from the airport) an hour and a half later a fuming dave was sitting in my car as we tried to get back to the house. he wasn't fuming at me but at the airlines. they couldn't fly him out til saturday and wouldn't give him his luggage back.
he ended up wearing old flannel pajamas and work t-shirts from the juice market (any old boulderites remember that place?) for several days since my clothes generally don't fit him.
we had fun playing house + 1 for 3 days. the + 1 since mom is still here of course. its her house. we dug out umpteen cars from the parking lot. we're nice neighbors i guess. (they didn't plow the 20+ inches of snow we got) and the + here is the drifts that in some places were 4 feet high. needless to say we stayed home til friday when mom and i both had to work. dave played chaffeur (i've got a funny story about how an old manager of mine couldn't spel that one) and lounged on the couch all day.
to improve his mood about losing 3 days back home in philly i gave him one of his christmas presents early. this is as close as i could get to his typical expression when walking around on the town. he looks scary but he's not.

and since i know you can't see a damn thing aobut that hat since it's black

yarn: misti baby alpaca worsted in black
needles: knit on size 1's (ribbing) and 2's (body) - no i don' tthink it really qualifies as a worsted do you?
pattern: 210 stitches for however long then a 7 point spiral decrease
and apparently it fits perfectly who'da known?


Anonymous knotingale said...

I agree with you on the hat length issue. My hub wants hats much longer than I do. Nothing to do but knit them longer! Guys are strange.


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