so i'm madly knitting on my mom's hooded pullover i don't know why...she can't wear it until fall anyway...and i'm avoiding dave's socks for now. i'm not really sure why but i am happy to report that the in progress sock fits. (he tried them on with his eyes closed...he wants to be surprised) i have yet to take photos of my estes yarn. or my germany yarn. but i am stil working on posting trip photos on the trip blog. i apologize for my tardiness, my efforts were put on hold last week. qwest sucks. our internet was out for most of the week. if yours was out too. make sure to record the days and times call and holler at the m and they will refund the missed time. trust me it adds up! in other news i am attempting to find work. i'm signing up with temp agencies. realizing i should have pursued a different degree cause what i'd like to do now i'll have to study a lot to get into. and wishing i had about 10 more brains to deal with all the thinking about findinga job that i've been doing.
i will have a surprise for a friend in a couple of days. super secret crafting going on here in my down time. don't worry. i'll post photos.
well i think i'll pop on the headphones, listen to a little phillip pullman story time and knit on my log cabin house socks from handknit holidays!!!


Blogger Karen said...

Welcome home Lesley! I'm currently in water-logged Arnold, Maryland. Thanks so much for the postcard ... It looks like you had a fantastic trip!

Blogger erin/pinkerbell said...

i have yarn to make thos log cabin socks too. I'm just not sure who to make them for, so I've been putting them off.

Blogger Lynda said...

"tried them on with his eyes closed" - that is TOO CUTE!!

Good luck in the job hunt! Hang in there.


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