so the trip...

for those of you who may get confused. i'm goinng to post the trip on a different blog. for the sake of space and my own sanity...theres gonna be a lot of photos. just deal with it. so you can view my adventures here :) or you can click the trip link. to your left. under "galleries". got it good. the next confusing bit. it will be back dated. and some days may be broken into separate posts. we were busy. so it may tak a while. so yeah. i'm gonna go do that all now. catch up with you all later.


Anonymous Patty said...

Hope you had a wonderful time! I'm looking forward to viewing the pics. Are you ready to settle down now, or are you ready for more adventure?

Blogger chris said...

Whoah, Lesley has a blog!

Blogger duchessofgravity said...

had a fantastic time! photos are being posted as quickly as i can. forgive the slow load times. theres a million of them. well not realy eventually there will be about 1500, but who's counting ;)


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