well i finally "figured out" the eyelets at the bottom of bad penny. what i really did is changed the number of stitches int the repeat to an even number so that the yarn over would occur in the purl row, and changed the order in the chart so that i was always knitting 2 together and then making a yarn over. and wonder of wonders it worked. so its finished i just haven't taken a photo of it yet! i did take a photo while i was working on it though and caught this fishie that was trying to swim away. thanks jenifer these stitch markers are too cute

and for the ladies who came over for knit night last week i finally got cast on for chickami believe it or not ribbing is error free and i even have the correct number of stitches. and no it wasn't the margaritas. i tried again the next day stone cold sober and it still took another 4 tries. i think shirley cursed me! i never used to make stupid mistakes like this. thanks hon. i really appreciate it!


Blogger Jenifer said...

Yea, little fishies! :)


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