so, i've been working on bad penny, yea i know easy project i should be done. but i'm confused...as usual. There's this cute little eyelet pattern at the bottom, and i can't figure out is is supposed to be done in ribbing too? and if that's the case, why the heck didn't she say so??? that and you're supposed to increase after the ribbing...doesn't that mess up the ribbing, and isn't that an issue if the chart is worked in ribbing? argh! anyone who has ideas please let me know. thanks. i'd lie to finish this top. not that i can wear it anytime soon its sooo friggin hot. and i love the yarn (tlc cara mia) but it's part angora and i think i would die of heat stroke!

on another note, i just finished grading the first set of assignments for this black holes class i am grading for...wow that's redundant. and omg. how bad can some people's handwriting be? geez. am i the only one who took penmanship in elementary school? i mean if you're going to take the time to do an assignment and expect someone else to read it, wouldn't you make at least your name legible?

and while i'm ranting...when you walk into a store (specifically a coffe shop) and the person behind the counter (which is me, and i'm really cheerful) says "hello how are you?" isn't it customary to at least smile or say hi back to them, and not just tell them what you want and shove money in their face? and would a thank you kill them. some days i wanna...grrr

now that you all think i'm homicidal...which i'm not, really its the heat. but i'm having a good week. wanna know why? knitting nite is in just a couple days! this is great news and it gets me over all the grumpies! yeay! not everyone is busy this friday, and some of the girls from mhc knitters will be able to attend knitting nite chez moi.


Blogger Wanda said...

No idea on the Bad Penny pattern as I haven't eve seen it, but you may want to email Cathi as she's working on it too.

Blogger Cathi said...

I'm so sad that I'm going to be missing the knit night...:( The pattern is within the ribbing- I think I messed it up, and part of me is thinking of skipping it all together.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i made bad penny in tlc cara mia too (same colour as yours as a matter of fact), but I omitted the lace portion. However, I do believe that the lace pattern is worked in ribbing. Since the increasing (and decreasing, depending on what size you are making) are done in the last round before the lace chart is worked, it will not affect your ribbing (especially since it is 1 x 1 ribbing). Hope this helps some.



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