busy busy

well i know i haven't posted lately but i've been busy busy busy. on what you say...well. i made a blocking board (necessary for finishing), have been knitting away at bad penny, rescreened the windows at the house (a must as hot as it has been.), and last night at michelle's i almost finished seaming up my mom's boatnect sweater! my first ral seamined project! sooo exciting. other than that not too much going. just work and sleep and work some more. all is well.


Anonymous Kristen said...

I can't wait to see the finished project and seamed up! I am sorry that I had to leave early and miss all of the excitement.

Happy Knitting and have fun on Friday.

Anonymous Libby said...

Hey Lesley!

You've got some good lookin photos on this site! I especially love the stash pics. :)

Hope to see you soon!


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