what do you do

with a beautiful day off?

well we went for a "scent"ic drive out to the beach.
we being the dog.
and me.

she loves to stick her nose out the window and smell where we are going.

we took a few lonely roads.

ok, so maybe like 10 little roads.
i make turns at random when i'm not in a hurry.

and can you blame me?
just check out the view!

it really was spectacular.

i would love to live out this way!

we finally arrived at north beach in point reyes national seashore.
they have a few beaches where leashed pets are allowed.

i snacked on a quick lunch of tomatoes, figs, raisins, and almonds
(from the farmer's market again)

then we headed down to the water.

my baby is 12 and she's never seen the ocean. i must be a terrible mother or something.
she was just staring and staring. she couldn't get enough.

after repeatedly chasing and running away from the waves for a half an hour she was content to just sit back and relax on a dune.

and then she stood and told me it was time to go by waking toward the car.
i think she was just tired out.
she slept the whole hour and a half it took me to get home.
via a different wandering path :)



Blogger Dee said...

Looks like you and your girl had a good time. :-)


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