getting organized

so about a hundred years ago when i was in school i had a handheld computer. it helped me keep track of birthdays, addresses, assignments, and my high score in bejeweled...

today it came out of the box in the back of the closet for the first time in i don't know how many years. you see i think i'll be needing to keep track of my bejeweled scores in my new position.

k, how 'bout this? i think i might need a better calendar than my free hallmark one. in the past it has served me well. until now i was able to write down my schedule and then scribble in schedule changes in those one inch squares. i could happily cross off days until vacation started. i could draw lines through days i couldn't work for some event or another. i could even fit in knitting night notices and the occasional lunch date. alas i think i'll need more space now. there will be actual stuff happening during my days. more stuff than making coffee that is. (i'm kinda panicking here can you tell?) i saw my training manual when i picked up my schedule yesterday-not only are there 40 hours on that schedule-that book is 5 inches thick!

so it was either crawl through a stack of boxes for the old clie or head to the office supply store and shell out cash for one off those paper planner jobbies. heck no. i'd rather use my completely defunct piece of technology thank you very much.*

have you ever noticed how long it takes to get organized?
i spent about 5 minutes putting my work schedule into the computer. then about 5 more looking up birthdays in my address book. i'll do the actual addresses another day i think. it will take an hour i'm sure to get them all in one place. then i spent 20 minutes getting the updated info on all the knitting events in the area and adding them in. i marked when dave's family is coming to visit. and then a couple of weddings that are coming up. finally i hit the little blue button. and wonder of wonders - it actually syncs properly. i'm amazed. and then i spent about 2 hours looking for games to put on the handlheld. what can i say? i have to see how high i can get that score on bejeweled :)

*thank you very much to dave who found the software to get it to work on my much newer but still dinosaur of a computer. you've gotta love those technology guys who can get this reluctant stuff to talk to each other. he's better than a therapist!



Blogger Dee said...

Good job, Dave!!!!

I need one of those techie guys. I've got a math head I could trade.


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