ok so i know i'm obsessing if i'm still trying to find a solution for the yellow sock yarn delimma but i think i have it...sisu what do you think any takers? i also discovered silja...what do you think? really have you ever knit with this do yo uknow anyone who has? i'm dying here...need input. i've seen some colerwork socks in this and the lok great. better than my first attemt will i'm sure but anyhoo i just wanted to share. i have the answer and at 5 something a ball i can't go wrong. i just wanted something better than essential and i found it. i hope. :) let me know if you have an opinion :)

i'm also thinking its time to knit dave another pair of socks. somehting taller this time since as mom says he's wearing big boy pants now. sigh. he's never gonna live down weraring shorts for 7 straight years of grad school i just know it. so i'm looking at some cottons and some yarns with stretch and i'm just thinking at this point. but its percolating :)

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Blogger Rebecca said...

Are you talking about yarn for a Hufflepuff sock? I'm knitting for a Hufflepuff, too and I went with Louet Gems in Black and Goldilocks. Sometime in the future I will be posting pics on my blog...the yarns has not actually arrived yet...laugh

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello there. :-) Just popping onto your blog to do some stalkering for Sockapalooza 4! Bwahahahaha!


Your Secret Sock Knitting Pal

Blogger duchessofgravity said...

hey wait thats not fair! i don't have my match yet :)


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