ancient history and some a bit more current :)

i've pulled the long since finished projects off the progress reports. i promise to post finised objects soon. i swear i swear. and i'm going to get some new knits up for you to ogle soon. i just have to handle the aforementioned camera issue. maybe i'll just steal dave's. what do you think?

in other news. we're moved. i'm 2/3 legal to drive in orlando i just have to get my liscense updated. dave's still waiting on his car. don't even get me started on that one. lets just say he's livid and the money we saved by putting it on a transport instead of putting it in the moving truck went to a rental car. and then some. sigh. we're mostly unpacked. its pouring. what happened to "the sunshine state" huh? i like my new store. its different but its fun. and oh my god are we busy. they neglected to tell me i was transferring to the 2nd busiest lobby store in florida. oh yeah. who knew! :) but the good news is i'm busy. i never have time to get bored :)

dave likes his new job with raydiance. i really don't know what he does. i'm assuming its more of the same. twiddling knobs. writing code. trying to not shoot his eyes out with lasers. and he's made friends with some of the other kids so thats good. they are going to go see tool. and there's talk of a barbeque. and we've been invited over for coffee. so i think its going well. whew. disaster averted. what if he hadn't liked the job. shudder.

neige is not too sure about the move still. she was hysterical when i tried to go back out to run errands after work this afternoon. shaking, crying, the usual doggie drama. but it worries me. i hope she settles in soon. needless to say i gave in and just brought her with me to the county clerks for liscense plates. state farm for insurance nonsense. the bank, the gorcoery store, and the pharmacist. did i mention dave works a lot? whew. did i say i have 5 shots of espresso at work this morning? well i did :) maybe i ought to cut back!

mom seems to be getting used to us being gone. although she is wondering what to do withthe aquariums we couldn't take. oops. anyone interested in a full set up for a 55 gallon or a 20 gallon long? local obviously. she was talking about dragging them out to the dumpster. sigh. oh well. auntie is hanging in there i guess. and i'm missing my denver knitters terribly. bvut i hve knit with a local group here and i'd be going tonight but i have to open the shop tomorrow. bah! i'll just knit here instead.

in knitting news. i've turned the heel on the first of my second trekking socks. its a variation on some pattern i can't remember right now. aren't i helpful? and its the orangey colerway :) yeah. i know, me and orange! now hush. i thought the color was more blue in the store. i swear. and the thigh highs that i probably never mentioned that i'm knitting for a friend in ny are coming right aling i think i'm almost to the knees, yes i know i need to post pictures.
the best knitting news though. i've unpacked the stash and it's no longer under the bed. its in the corner of the extra clost and has room to stretch a bit. just don't tell dave :)

ok. i'm gonna go for now but keep your eyes peeled for updates. they are coming soon



Blogger WandaWoman said...

Wow, you've been a busy girl. So sorry to hear about the problem with the car, hopefully he gets the car soon. That really sucks. I would love to see those knee-highs, definitely some pictures soon. Ease up on the coffee too, ya know! ;-) Hoping things are going well for you two in Orlando.

Blogger Meike said...

Oh, Lesley, reading about your moving troubles makes me remember how much I hate moving too. It is the worst experience ever!
I'm glad to hear that you are settling in though.
Tell us more about these fish tanks - we might want one!


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