so as dave pointed out to me today (over he phone) he still has my camera. so i can't share with you my fabulous funky scarf & assorted goodies...or my wonderful warm mittens. how much does tha tsuck? but i will share as soon as i can. just imagine the perfect things to keep me warm when i walked out to clean off the snow from the car this morning (it was 25 degrees out) brrrr!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You need to get that camera back! I wanna see what you've been knitting!

Blogger emily said...

isn't it funny that you sent blueish mittens with a cable and got blueish mittens with a cable. and isn't funny that the person you received from is the person i'm sending to... and we (you and i) know eachother! weird world out there! and yes, get that camera back!


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