you all may have noticed that i joined quite a few exchanges this fall. i am happy to report that those mittens wee the last of the exchange knitting and the last ones to get posted. i'm done. the funky scarf is gone as is the ISE3 scarf. the mittens and 2 pair of sockwars socks have been mailed out. i'd be working on another partial pair of those if not for a bit of a postage/idiot knitter snag. but i've received notice that my socks are as good as on their way to me so i think i'm out. whew. and thank good ness it will soon be over. its a little nerve wracking worring about finishing with deadlines. i don't think i could ever knit with harsher deadlines than those of an exchange. my knitting is me time and thats the way its gonna stay for a while...well as soon as i catch up on my xmas knitting. but thats just 2.5 more pair of felted slippers and a stocking cap for my brother. no sweat. and i think i'm gonna have to cast on for a sweater or vest for me here soon before i co into convulsions. yes i know there is vest everest to finsh bu tthats just the ribbing on one arm away from done and i don't think it really counts as "on the needles anymore. sheesh. i better make me some progress bars so i can keep track! happy knitting all. i'm gonna go work on some socks.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm anxiously waiting............(the "Unknown Funky Scarf Swapee")

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about knitting being "you time" I feel the same way. Especially around the holidays when it feels like all I'm doing is deadline knitting!

Anonymous bekka said...

deadlines! aren't the horrible? esp. when you're knitting something for someone else? so what is this "ISE3 scarf?" i've seen references to it on other blogs. and haven't investigated.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

your is3 scarf is ready to be blocked, grafted and popped into the mail! i hope you will like it, i have enjoyed making it!


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