farmer's bounty

i think my favorite place this year may just be the santa rosa farmer's market.

it has been fantastic to pick up the freshest produce week after week*. not only does everything taste great, the colors are fantastic.

i just love heirloom tomatoes

there are every shape, color, and size imaginable available

the best part today was the tomato tasting...i think i ate 2 or 3 whole tomatoes worth. well if you were to glue the hodgepodge of types they had into one fantastic fruit!

there are also all kinds of squash

beets and radishes, carrots and more

and the peppers!

purple green red yellow orange

sweet hot and everything between

and the best part
well best after tasting everything
(i love samples)
is bringing home your favorites

2 kinds of pears, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, black mission figs, apples, nectarines, plums, basil

i see fruit salad and pizza in our future!

*oh, and its not just the best place for produce, there are also: preserves, honey, bread, pies, olive oil, vinegar, cheeses, cider, fresh fish, and plants. the veggies i didn't get include: lettuces, shitake mushrooms still on the log, tomatillos, melons, every potato ever, fresh cut flowers, salad greens, fresh eggs (duck and chicken). and the list could go on. you can see why i love this market! and it happens twice a week!



Blogger Dee said...


UCF just started having a farmer's market on Sundays. We'll be checking it out again tomorrow.

There isn't quite the variety you have though. California must be a GREAT place for veggies!

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