basket case

so under here somewhere is my knitting basket. of this i am fully convinced...

where exactly is a different question entirely.

i'm about 8 rows from finishing my laminaria. so of course i immediately put it down and cast on for 3 pair of socks. the first pair, black with red marl contrasty toes for dave. shhhh. secret socks. ;) the secone pair, some olive green lace socks for myself... no you don't see them there, they have since been frogged. pace is just too fuzzy for lace. and third a pair of panda cotton socks for me. for me. finally panda cotton for me. fourth pair out of panda cotton and i'm actually going to get to wear these! i cannot wait :)

but knitting has been going slowly. we've been trying to use that extra room in the house more in the last couple of weeks. we used to be great about it but lately. not so much. it really is silly too. we have all the gadgets and every tool we could possible want. but no more excuses. we're cooking now!

recently i decided to stew up some lentils for dinner. and it sounded good to have some cornbread on the side. and then out of the bloue my head said greens would be good with this. but i'd never made them. my mom never made them i hadn't had them since granny was alive. i had no idea how to cook up a "mess" of mustard greens. yes that's what granny used to call a bunch. and yes it was a mess. sandy muddy stuff! i thought i would never get them clean. we thought they turned out good. mom's still skeptical. i called her to ask how granny used to prepare them and she couldn't believe it. she hates the stuff. i think we're going to try swiss chard next time. one thing was missing though. granny used to pour what she called pepper sauce over the greens. it was little tiny hot peppers that were canned in vinegar and you just used the vinegar over greens. i am convinced i have seen this in the store but have been unable to locate it here. of course granny used to can her own. that and canned pears, and fig preserves. all from her own backyard. can you tell yet that i grew up for a time in the south? :)

next i decided we should start baking our own bread again. i did this for a while and i'm not sure why i stopped. oh wait thats right...it was 80 bazillion degrees all the time in orlando!

so we got some sourdough starter going and baked up the best whole wheat sourdough yesterday.

and then we ate a whole loaf between us... maybe that's why i stopped baking bread? but we're planning on taking some to work on the next batches. we did take a loaf to one of dave's friends so we wouldn' thave 3 whole loaves in the house at once!

tonights men consists of a southwestern style salad and a turkey green chile soup. we like to toast corn tortila in the oven to make fresh chips. super tasty and not so oily asstore bought chips. dave is cursing me over all this healthy food. he says it tastes good. better than bad stuff even. and he wants to know what i have done to him... you know it was all part of my evil plan :)

so that is what is going on in gravity land.
a little bit of knitting.
and a whole lot of cooking.
hope you all had a great mother's day :)

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Blogger Dee said...

Everything sound delicious!

We went to Heart of Florida Farm today --- oh, be still my heart --- teeny tiny ponies. (Pictures on my blog soon). We bought some hydroponic "organic" cucumbers, field greens, cubanelle peppers and some purple string beans.

I even bought some goat's milk soap made right there on the farm and got to meet, Eugene the donkey. He was a friendly sort.

There were other things there that looked good too, but since Steve had just marketed yesterday, I didn't want to overstock and have things go bad.

This is the real "farm" stuff - no preservatives --- fresh farm food --- YUM!

Blogger Zee said...

oh, so much fun! i'm going to get my blog back up and running soon, so i can better keep up to date with you, and everything you are knitting and cooking!

say hi to dave and neige!


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