super blue green algae

i am loving knitting this shawl. the girls at the shop were joking about starting a pool to see how long it takes me to finish it though :) they may have a point. i'm currently 8 or is it 9 repeats into the star chart. i decided to copy knitala she did some fantastic modifications to this pattern and what am i but a copycat right? but that means i'll be knitting on the star chart forever!

this photo was taken at 7 repeats in and i think i'm going to shoot for 11 or 13 i haven't decided yet i guess i will see how big it is then :) the yarn is isager and i love love love the color. i couldn't believe it when i found this. it is a single ply of woll and it goes a little thin at spots but seems really storng and the colors...i'm trying to get through this pattern so i can go buy more for another project! they have the perfect celery colored yarn for this! wheee. yes i have been bitten by the lace bug what can i say?

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