erm. yeah.

although the furniture is here, my mental house is vacant. i've been on an emotional roller coaster. i'm knitting to stay sane or what passes as such. eventually there will be photographic proof of said knitting. but for now. you will have to take my word for it. the knit projects links go to ravelry...go sign up!

i'll be getting the blog back in working order in the coming weeks. patience. dave still has so fix my computer. in the meantime a couple of updates.

we moved to california in a ridiculously short amount of time (finding a house, a store, packing and driving in 3 weeks)

i've spent a lot of time with the family back in texas. visiting with family, taking care of my dad and saying goodbye.

settling into our new place and my new store. california rocks by the way. it is beautiful here. i can't wait to get back out and hike some more. my new store is great. i love it too. i have the best manager who has been incerdibly understanding with my recent frequent absences. but she's a knitter so of course she's cooler than the average bear :)

and not having cable is the best decision we ever made :) i've been reading so much. i've added a section over to the right so i can catalogue what i'm reading. i just have to figure out a way to rate my reads... hmmm. did i ever mention how much i hate programming. sigh. so far i just have a progress report for each story. i'm thinking a star system. we shall see. the links are to wiki so be warned if you don't like spoilers.

i'm knitting a ton. socks, earbands, hats, and sweaters oh my. now if i could just remember to photograph things before they go out...

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